We cultivate architecture to to uplift and enhance lives.

We recognize that the built environment has an impact on health. We use design to communicate that your human presence is valued.


The built environment has an impact on our intellectual, emotional, and mental health. Through design, those needs are nurtured to inspire our best selves. A place that communicates that your human presence is valued.

Exceptional materials and advanced construction techniques are deployed to design durable legacy environments that are contextually-sensitive, instilling a sense of place.

The Atmos Arc philosophy grows from principles rooted in the belief that habitation is cultivated through an evolving relationship between sentience and inert material.

We recognize that structure must earn the right to cultivate this feeling through the angles, materials, light patterns, textures, lines, and curves it exhibits.

Every building and space is designed with the same goal in mind: to be deserving of the sacred title of “architecture” by its inhabitants who grow into their most comfortable and inspired selves within its dimensions.

core values


Architecture distinguishes itself from that of generic construction, which has little regard for history and no clear architectural style. Architecture derives its value from constructing within established artistic schools of design. We compose a cohesive aesthetic from exterior to interior, from public to private, to enforce a central concept to a project.

Cognitive architecture

Architect-designed buildings spring from the science of cognition and spatial awareness, resulting in a shift from the monotony of mundane blueprints to psychologically-supportive areas and lines.


A vision of architecture requires design to be contextually-sensitive, instilling a sense of belonging for occupants and their community. Architecture looks for ways to encourage connections. Architects build the infrastructure to make community happen.


Landscape and nature are equal partners with the building. Vegetation is integrated with the architecture.


Simply put, the architect is trained to satisfy the emotional desires of our complex, ever-evolving needs through the practice of material, design, and orientation in counter-intuitive ways. Architecture builds legacy.

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