The most effective cost-cutting strategy for a small home involves designing efficient structures (foundation, exterior walls, roof), reducing construction time, choosing reputable material manufacturers that warranty their materials.

Given the home’s size, opting for cheap finishes will not significantly impact the overall price, but can actually impair the long-term value.

Where you should expect to see savings in our ADUs over the average ADU build:

  • Soft Fees: Traditional design fees, typically 10% to 25% of total construction costs, are avoided by using pre-designed house plans. This not only saves four to six months of design time but also results in savings of $30,000 to $50,000 in design fees.
  • Manufactured Foundation System for some of our ADU designs: This system requires minimal excavation (moderate site grading for drainage and minimal excavation for utilities only), saving several weeks of construction time.
  • An efficient structural design leads to quicker construction by facilitating easy installation and simplified material sourcing.
  • Long-term Energy Savings: Achieved through a tight building envelope and the use of energy-star appliances.
  • No Large Machinery Needed: Design considerations for potential narrow or limited access to the backyard mean that all materials can be placed and installed by hand or using small machines such as jackhammers.

image = hands finishing concrete footing

Longevity & Durability: Our homes are designed for lasting durability, featuring high-quality finishes like fiberglass windows, standing seam roofs, and engineered wood floors. This design approach contrasts with generic builder homes that may require frequent maintenance and premature finish replacements.