When you acquire a license for our ADU designs, you’ll receive digital House Plans, also known as Construction Documents.

Construction Documents encompass the written and graphic materials crafted by an architect to articulate and convey the design, structure, and physical attributes of a building project. These documents are essential for obtaining building permits and serve as the required documentation for managing the construction contract between the owner and the General Contractor. Our ADU House Plans comprise a comprehensive construction document set, ready for your contractor to execute into a physical building! 

image of ADU construction drawings

Constructing a building is a complex process that requires the coordination of numerous trades and components. While it can be a meticulous service, having the right set of construction documents makes the building process not only rewarding but also somewhat easier. Additionally, unlike most house plans that lack interior design details, we have gone above and beyond to provide thoroughly-detailed, ready-to-build documentation. This requires no further involvement on our part and minimal effort on your end!

Learn more about what’s included in the final product here under “What you get with your purchase.”