Our designs prioritize efficient structures, notably the Ascension Home ADU, where the exterior envelope and foundation can be installed in one week. As designers, we’ve done our best to expedite the construction process, however, the overall time frame for your ADU to be move-in ready ranges from five to nine months due to a number of factors. 

image of sustainable ADU foundation_prefabricated steel above grade foundation

Permitting typically takes one to two months. Material lead times range from several weeks to a couple of months. The actual build phase, approximately three to six months, depends on your contractor, their teams, and their project workload. Finally, scheduling and obtaining final city inspections during construction can take several days to several weeks at each phase.

Image by freepik

Recognizing that construction timelines in the United States are often prolonged due to factors like market volatility, an aging construction labor market, and a lagging regulatory environment, we aim to address this issue by designing prefabricated and modular homes this year.