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Tips And Critique On Architecture, Design, & Building An ADU

Explore our blog where we delve into tips for constructing an ADU and delve into ideas for cultivating architectural landscapes where the lives within flourish.

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  • 3 Ways to Build an ADU We outline the 3 primary ways how to build an ADU including, Design-Build, Prefab ADUs, and, Pre-Designed Plans by an Architect & Built by a GC, the Pros & Cons of each method To date, several methods have gained popularity in the decision-making process for building an ADU, among which custom home builders stand out as a prevalent but not necessarily the most advantageous choice, particularly if you prioritize cost-savings, time efficiency, and superior design. Allow me to outline the three [...]

  • Why Choose a GC instead of Design-Build for Your ADU Using a design-build company for your ADU seems convenient, but the reality falls short of expectations. It may not save time or cost & can compromise quality. When I established this firm, I contemplated extensively on the potential benefits of providing turnkey solutions for clients. However, after careful consideration, I made the decision to avoid offering both design and build services in-house. While it may appear convenient to choose a design-build company that handles everything for you, [...]

  • Why Build an ADU? For the Joy of Creation While there's plenty of practical rationale to building an ADU, what truly makes the endeavor worthwhile is the act of creating something enduring. Explaining the financial rationale behind building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is rather straightforward; it’s an investment. The logic goes, “By constructing an ADU in your backyard, you’re not merely expanding your property’s footprint, but you’re substantially boosting its market worth. Prospective buyers will appreciate the versatility that an additional dwelling provides – it’s extra [...]