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Outstanding project delivery through a time-tested formula

From conceptualization to completion, we meticulously navigate every aspect of your home design, incorporating local regulations, environmental factors, and your unique vision to deliver a stunning, functional space that exceeds expectations.

Our Design Approach

Our approach involves site analysis, identifying all constraints at the project’s outset, early contractor collaboration to ensure outstanding project delivery.

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The process of designing a home involves creating a model of the existing home and the lot, as well as understanding the project site context. We strive to identify all creative constraints at the project’s outset, including climate, local building regulations, available materials, existing structure, soil bearing properties, and any other relevant regulatory authorities, such as housing review boards, neighborhood committees, and zoning codes. This approach enables us to comprehend constraints and define priorities for the project. We prefer involving the general contractor early in the process to engage all stakeholders and ensure the delivery of an outstanding project.

Create a Visual Concept

We collaborate with you to develop a visual concept, plan, and a detailed budget.

Maintain the Design Intent Throughout

During construction, we work closely with the general contractor to ensure the design intent is maintained, delivering your complete project to your satisfaction.

Additional details of the entire process are outlined below.

design stages


Predesign, the “What”

Constraints of the site are identified and converted into opportunities. Your goals and overall vision are flushed out. A preliminary budget is communicated.


Schematic Design, the “Concept”

Initial concepts are created and communicated through schematic drawings and conceptual visualization. We  work together until your approval is granted to move to the next phase.


Design Development, “Refine”

The approved design is detailed in order to create preliminary pricing documentation for  contractors to review. The architectural products such as finish selections, plumbing fixtures, appliances are defined.


Construction Documents, “Permitting & Assembly Instructions”

Drawings and specifications are drafted to become contract documentation between you and the contractor. Documentation includes structural drawings, building systems coordination drawings, exterior and interior details, elevations, plans, and architectural specifications. Certain finishes and fixtures (with long lead times) are ordered. Permits are acquired.


Construction Procurement, “The Contractor”

We can assist you with making your final selection of the right contractor. Construction materials and supplies are ordered by the contractor.


Construction Administration “Build”

If you choose to contract us for this service, we frequent the site to observe the building process for conformance to the contract documentation as well as quality. This also includes reviewing shop drawings, material samples. Inspections occur with each stage of construction.

Finally, we walk the project through punch-listing and close-out.

Occupancy certificate is filed and you can move into your new space.

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