Courtland Residence

Asheville, NC

Courtland Residence

Asheville, NC

A home conceived for those who prefer modernism and simple elegance but with highly-designed features


The elegant potential of this home was unleashed by approaching the limitations of the lot which were both sloping and compact, as mere creative constraints. The resulting floor plan is multi-leveled, adding fluidity and dimension as one moves through the home. To maximize the buildable area, the floor plan is highly efficient, yet still feels open and airy. Each of the common rooms is embellished with full-height windows and wrapped in modern wainscoting.

The design of the exterior reflects the space planning of the interior: one of the masses contains the common areas, the other contains the private rooms. The garage, hidden from the street,  is accessed via an open-paved driveway that leads from the street to the rear of the house. A roof terrace sits atop the garage arrived at from the library that also overlooks the two-story living room.

Thoughtful details and materials adorn the house inside and out.


2,560 SF
3 beds + office
2 full baths, 2 half baths
roof terrace


Brick, stucco, metal paneling.


Stone pavers, rock garden, xeriscaping