Custom ADU Solutions

Craft Your Dream & Personalize Your ADU Designs with Expertise

Tailor our ADU designs to your needs. Our studio offers customization, design services, & fully custom ADUs with complete plans for your contractor to build.

Optional ADU Services

and simple flat fee pricing (mostly)!

Remote Site Consultation


If you need assistance in identifying the optimal location within legal setback limits on the candidate lot, we can help determine where your ADU can be built.

  • Legal Setbacks

  • Pedestrian Access

  • Height Limitations

  • Adjacency to Principal Residence

Site Plan for Permitting


If you require a site plan for your permit application, indicating the ADU location within legal zoning restrictions, grade elevations, and dimensions, you can engage us for this service, subject to architect availability. A site survey is necessary for this service.

  • Zoning Compliance

  • Grade Elevations per Permitting Requirements

  • Project Description and Dimensions as Required

Customized ADU Interior Design


If you desire a more distinctive interior design than the default options, we can collaborate with you to customize the general interior finishes, kitchen details, and bathroom finishes.

  • Kitchen Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Product Selection

  • Distinctive Finishes

Customization to the PreDesigned ADUs


If you wish to modify the standard design. Please be aware that any changes to a pre-designed planset may likely initiate a full review process by the City, which could extend the review timeline by an additional two weeks. Feel free to contact us with your proposed changes, and we will provide a quote for pricing, fees, and a timeline.

  • Foundation Modifications

  • Floor Plan Changes

  • Exterior Finish Modifications

  • Interior Modifications

  • Custom Renderings on Your Lot

Custom ADU Feasibility Report for Your Property


When considering building an ADU, factors such as setbacks, height limitations, and other zoning regulations must be carefully considered. Navigating these requirements can be complex, but proper planning saves time, money, and maximizes return on investment. Our Feasibility Report is tailored for homeowners seeking guidance on ADU construction, providing clarity on what can be built and afforded without immediate commitment to investment.

  • Maximum Allowable ADU Footprint

  • How ADU fits within your specific lot

  • All zoning regulations that pertain to your address

  • Pedestrian Accessway