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ADU designs and bespoke environments that are uplifting.

Elevate your environment with Atmos Arc. Dedicated to timeless design, we create spaces and offer ADU plans that enrich lives.

About Atmos Arc

Atmos Arc is an architecture and design studio established in 2021. We hold the belief that architecture possesses the transformative power to forge meaningful connections between individuals and their surroundings. We have a firm conviction that architecture should be integrated into the fabric of everyday, ordinary lives enhancing quality of life for everyone.

At Atmos Arc, we value attention to detail and understand the powerful emotions that space can evoke. We prioritize timelessness over trends because we know that good design should last a lifetime. We believe that architecture is an essential expression of humanity.

Atmos Arc believes in the transformative power of the built environment to generate communities

Our approach to each project is centered around distilling and highlighting the unique aspects of its historic, geographic, and cultural context. Our ultimate goal is to create spaces and buildings that transcend mere utility, earning the designation of “architecture.”

Atmos Arc was founded with a mission to create exceptional architecture that improves lives. We draw on our extensive expertise in large-scale project execution and a deep passion for timeless design. We strive to elevate the American construction landscape into environments that invigorate their inhabitants.


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zahra ali-Shapiro


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About Zahra

As an architect certified by NCARB with licenses in multiple states, I have established a reputation for overseeing and successfully delivering projects to high-profile clients. With sixteen years of professional experience gained from working with renowned global design firms in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, I have applied my expertise to a diverse range of project typologies, including hospitality, retail, multi-family, mixed-use, healthcare, transportation, corporate headquarters, and residential projects.

My commitment to design and my passion for creating spaces that enhance human cognition have been shaped by extensive travel across 40 countries and counting. This journey has enriched my understanding of diverse cultures and informed my approach to crafting environments that resonate with people on a global scale.


We cultivate spaces that incorporate natural elements and foster the flourishing of those who live within them.

Cognitive Architecture

The science of cognition and spatial awareness

Cognitive Architecture

Architect-designed buildings spring from the science of cognition and spatial awareness, resulting in a shift from the monotony of mundane blueprints to psychologically-supportive areas and lines.


Environments that encourage connection


A vision of architecture requires design to be contextually-sensitive, instilling a sense of belonging for occupants and their community. Architecture looks for ways to encourage connections. Architects build the infrastructure to make community happen.


Compose a cohesive aesthetic from exterior to interior


Architecture distinguishes itself from that of generic construction, which has little regard for history and no clear architectural style. Architecture derives its value from constructing within established artistic schools of design. We compose a cohesive aesthetic from exterior to interior, from public to private, to enforce a central concept to a project.