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Buildings and space should not simply be visually-striking, but appeal to all senses

About Atmos Arc

Atmos Arc, an architecture and design studio that was founded in 2021.

Our studio draws philosophical inspiration from the Humanism movement, which believed that architecture has the power to create communities with strong bonds between people and place. We have a conviction that architecture should be integrated into ordinary, everyday lives to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Atmos Arc believes in the transformative power of the built environment to generate communities

At Atmos Arc, we value attention to detail and understand the powerful emotions that space can evoke. We prioritize timelessness over trends because we know that good design should last a lifetime. We believe that architecture is an essential expression of humanity and an effective vehicle for finding our existential bearings in an increasingly chaotic world.

Our approach to each project is centered around distilling and highlighting the unique aspects of its historic, geographic, and cultural context. Our ultimate goal is to create spaces and buildings that transcend utility and are deemed deserving of the title of “architecture.”

Atmos Arc was founded with a clear mission to create exceptional architecture that improves people’s lives. We draw on our extensive expertise in large-scale project execution and a deep passion for design that transcends trends and fads. We strive to elevate the American construction landscape into environments that lift and enliven its inhabitants.


The Atmos Arc philosophy grows from principles rooted in the belief that habitation is nurtured through an evolving relationship between sentience and inert material.

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